EGFS-PUSH Perforated grille with filter and internal frame 15 mm

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Exhaust perforated face grille with double hinged opening frame (15 mm internal), with push-pull system to facilitate the storage and filter replacement.


Perimetric aluminium frame.
Galvanized steel panel.
Finish: white RAL 9016.
Installation: resting on a false ceiling structure.
Filter: COARSE class (G2) thickness 12 mm.
Opening closing: push-pull system.

The perforated mesh is made according to the following specifications:
- 60 ° alternating round holes;
- empty / full ratio 46%;
-diameter of holes 5mm;
-distance between centers 7mm.


Suitable for the air extraction in environments where pre-filtration of air is recommended.
We recommend not to exceed the front speed of 1,5 m/s. Initial pressure drop lower than 40Pa.

On demand

RAL colors of your choice.

Operating data

The air speed on the filter of 1,5 m/s is recommended to contain pressure drops and maintain filtration efficiency;
the air flow data in the table refer to the grill with the filter.

All dimensions are expressed in mm

model external frame size effective filter section front speed on the filter air flow rate
mm m2 m/s m3/h
EGFS-PUSH 595x595 0,238 1,5 1285
2 1713

Noise level dB(A)

1,5 <20
2 20/25

Pressure drop (Pa)

1,5 25/30
2 45/50


L1 x H1
side air connection E F
P2 n° connection Ø d
560x560 300 1 250 80 12

Price list

model external frame size euro
EGFS-PUSH 595x595 148,02


dimensions side air connection
EPZ galvanized plenum EPI isolated plenum
L1xH1 euro euro
560x560 a.r. a.r.